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Inspiration from Wendy

Change Yourself First

I wanted to change the World.

When I was young, 

I wanted to change the World.

When I found, I couldn’t change the World; 

I began to focus on the business. 

I couldn’t change the business world, so I tried to change my team.

Now, older and wiser, 

I realise the only thing I can change is myself. 

Suddenly I realise that if long ago I had changed myself, 

I would have made an impact on my Team.

My Team and I would have made an impact on the business.

Then my business and I would indeed have changed the World.

Wendy’s Version. 

Original Written by an unknown Monk around 1100 A.D.

I have owned and managed several businesses and have worked with many growing businesses over the years. Of all the tough challenges we faced, there is one common struggle – managing people! I have heard it said that people leave managers, not companies. I have also found this to be very true. All too often managers are put in positions of responsibility by default rather than being selected for their aptitude. This can work, providing the new manager is offered training and support to make the transition, however, more often than not, there is little support – and so the challenges begin.

This is often true of Entrepreneurs. They are highly skilled in their field, have great ideas, the drive and passion to get things done and succeed, but they can lack the skills in leading a team. The business evolves around them, with little or no consideration for organisational development.Entrepreneurs who have taken that leap into self-employment for the first time, because they are fabulous at what they do, now have to make the transition from employee to business owner, into leaders – often without knowing or really understanding what that means. This is of course a sweeping generalisation, there are many Entrepreneurs who become great leaders!

“You can’t expect employees to exceed your customer’s expectations if you don’t exceed your employees’ expectations of management.” Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks

Leadership and management are disciplines in themselves; take your leadership role seriously! There is a lot of information to assimilate if you want to get it right and build a successful business.

Research shows that business success comes down to motivated, engaged teams. There are lots of initiatives to help you to identify how engaged your teams are, and these will provide great feedback for you to build a strategy to improve employee engagement. 

You need to recruit the right people for your team, it all starts with YOU, changing your attitude and mindset.